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At Equity Network Services, we are not your average real estate brokerage firm. We go above and beyond, really striving to create wealth for clients using real estate as a vehicle. People trust us to bring them the best possible return when buying or selling property.

Our unique ability to merge equity with a great opportunity makes us successful in this industry. Educated real estate investors know how to leverage equity to recognize high yields and recognize real estate as a safe and secure way to invest.

Focusing mainly on tenant in common interest, we are constantly expanding our list of private money available for investment opportunities.

Our knowledgeable team has an expansive network of resources available to assist you with real estate investments, particularly in the area of tax deferred 1031 exchange properties and pyramiding to grow real estate investment portfolios.

Located in Woodland, Washington, 20 minutes north of Portland, Oregon, along the Interstate 5 corridor, our market knowledge is specifically focused in the Pacific Northwest of the United States.


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